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Day 0/1 – Flying and Dublin

Both legs of the flight were ok.  The flight from SF to Chicago got into Chicago about 1/2 hour early.  Originally, some of our friends thought that there would be some sort of shuttle that would take us over to the international wing, so that we wouldn't have to go through security again.  Nope.  There was a tram to the terminal, but it involved being re-scanned.

We also found a dire lack of eating options in the international wing.  If you end up doing what we did - eat before you leave your domestic terminal.  The food is MUCH better.

15 hours

Its nearly time.  15 hours from now, my butt will be sitting on the airplane!  Either luckily (or unluckily) I haven't slept well the past few nights, so I'm extremely tired.  Should mean that sleeping on the plane will be a snap.

Yesterday's rune reading

Yesterday morning, I decided I wanted to ask the Kindreds if there was anything that they wanted from me during my trip.  As I reached for my runes, I thought "They are probably just going to want me to have fun".

So, of course, which rune do I pull??

Looks to me as if I've been hereby ordered to have fun!

Two blogs??

Yep, I'm going to be 'double-blogging'.  The reason?  Some of what I'll be blogging about are the spiritual experiences that happen to me during the trip.  And my co-workers have no interest in that part of my life.  So I'll be putting that information here.

Omen on Dedicant Oath

I've been contemplating doing my final Dedicant Oath while I was in Scotland; either at one of the many stone circles in Orkney, or during the time I'm in Glencoe.

Then I remembered.  I'm a bloody decent seer - why haven't I asked my runes what they thought?  Silly me.

So, I did.  Basically, my question was "Will performing my Oath, without the option of a full ADF-style ritual, but at a location that was important to my Gods and my Kindred be appropriate" (think I actually thought "be ok").

Well.  This is what I pulled.  What do you think?

Almost Time!

There is officially only 5 days remaining before our flight takes off!  It will be a long ass flight, 5-hours for the first leg, almost 8 for the second.  Yea, we couldn't get a direct flight - Aer Lingus stopped direct flights from SFO quite a while back.  Oh well.  We have a 3-hour layover in Chicago, which will give us time to grab real food as breakfast will have been many hours earlier.


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