Day 03 – Gap of Dunloe and Killarney Lakes Tour

The drive into Killarney to meet up with our tour was nice - saw some fabulous vistas, views and lots of waterfalls (both large and small).  We got to the meetup location and had to wait just a bit - we got there very early.

After a short bus ride to Ross Castle, we took to the boats.   While a bit on the damp side (we even got rained on a couple times), the trip was great!  There were two 'tricky' sections where the boat was trying to go up-river and the current was being troublesome.

The first time, the guys on the boat used an emergency oar to push away from the side of the bridge we were traveling under (pics of the bridge are in the album - I'll try and label them).  That didn't quite work and we were trying to figure out a way to do this, when a local chap came along on a bike and grabbed a rope thrown to him and helped pull.

The second time, he had all of us, with the exception of a couple of the guys to stay and help pull the boat through.  The rest of us had to climb around on very uneven and wet ground to the other side of the bridge.  Unfortunately for me, my left ankle decided that it wanted to go out on me multiple times.  I was pretty much in pain by the time I got back on the boat.

Luckily, the rest of the boat trip was easier.  At one point, we passed one of the newest editions to the Killarney lakes - a set of White Tailed Eagles.  One of them was really showing off for us :)

Then we took jaunty cars (or horse and buggy) through the Gap itself.  The ride was QUITE bouncy, but beautiful.  I think I forgot to take pictures :(

Anyways - here are the photos I took today :)

More spiritual stuff:

The whole place was just filled with sounds.  I could hear whispering nearly everywhere.  Running my fingers in the water as we went along, I could feel something tugging at my fingers.  And I know I saw a couple small shapes playing amongst the trees and heather.