Day 10 – A Ferry and a “Monster”

This morning was an early departure from Orkney.  Our wonderful hostess packed us breakfast bags so we wouldn't go without breakfast.  It was raining when we left, but the sunrise was quite nice.

The crossing itself was quite rough this time.  Not sure how often I'd like to do that.

We basically followed the same route that we had a few days ago.  Unfortunately, we were to early for the Gunn Museum (we got there around 10 and it didn't open until 11).  Brad looked around and checked out all of the gravestones, looking for other Nelsons.  After a while, we headed off to our next appointment - a tour of the Dalmore Distillery.

We ended up getting there early, so we drove up a bit and grabbed lunch at a local place.  Good food was had by all.  I definitely need to work on the Coronation Chicken recipe for myself. :)

Back to the Dalmore for our tour.  Unfortunately, it was not as involved as our Balvenie tour, and just glossed over some bits of the whiskey creation steps so it was very good that we had done the Balvenie one first.

After the tour, we headed off to Loch Ness and the Loch Ness Center and Urquhart Castle.  Due to when we arrived, we were unable to actually tour Urquhart, but did get some wonderful pics.  We were able to tour the Loch Ness Center - that was interesting.  It more or less completely debunks the 'Nessie' idea, but was fun in any case.

We found a little place between the castle and the Loch Ness center for dinner that was perfect - and Brad got to try Haggis and actually enjoyed it!  We've even got pics of him enjoying it :)

Our stay for the night was in Inverness.  An early night and it would be off to Glasgow via Glencoe the next day.