Day 06 – Whiskey and Picts, oh my!

Left Edinburgh this morning after breakfast.  A bit on the rainy side, but still nice.

Before leaving for my trip, my job decided to not pay me my full wages.  Well, this caused me quite a bit of concern, as I still needed to save up some funds.  I prayed to my Gods asking that if they at least got me a full paycheck until September, I'd give them a full bottle of Stag's Breath as an offering.  Now, some of you may know just how bloody hard it is to get in the US as it is not exported at all.  So I knew that I was going to have to order one.

Our first stop, in Dundee, was Discovery Quay and the Discovery Point Antarctic Museum. It was very interesting and a great day.

And I found Stag's Breath in their shop!!  Bought a bottle for our drinking pleasure during out trip :)  AND a bottle to sacrifice!!  I'll be doing that when I do my dedicant oath in Orkney.

After a couple hours (think we were there for almost 3 hours), we headed off to our next stop - a series of Pictish art stones in a town called Aberlemno.  These stones are just standing along the road in this town, with one of them in the local church's graveyard.  Lots of pictures later (the day's pics are here), and we headed off to the Pictavia Vistor Center.  Lots of interesting information - seems the Picts and the Vikings/Norsemen were similar in their initial development.

On our way to our next night's stay, we ran across a cairn at the side of the road.  We pulled off, and I got a couple of pictures.  One of the very first things that I noticed was that it was still in use!  There were offerings still being left, new rocks or bricks being added and people still honoring their dead here.  It was just amazing!

After that, we headed off to Dufftown and our stay for the night - at the Highlander Inn in Craigellachie.  We were in one of their 'row houses' :)  It was intriguing in that the shower in the shared bathroom (and since it was only the three of us, that wasn't a problem) was not in a shower enclosure or tub.  It drained directly onto the floor!

After dinner, Brad and I shared a 6 flight tasting.  We had six different bottlings from a group that we hadn't tried before - Duncan Taylor.  I have the notes we took during our tasting, and I'll write them up sometime later :)  We staggered across the road to our beds, to get ready for the next morning and more whiskey at Balevnie!