Day 04 – Bumming around Co. Kerry

Today was a day with absolutely no goals.

Started the day going by the local Stone Circle.  It was beautifully tended and maintained.  You can tell just by the feel of them, that they are truly well tended.  There was a very large holly tree that had evidence of wishes or offerings still attached to the branches.  I placed one of my offering coins under the center stone - there was a very small well/hole underneath it that was just perfect.

Then into the car we went.  We started out on N71, with nothing planned.  We ended up going to Molly Gallivan's.  It was a really neat stop, with a fabulous view of the valley below.  Yes, I've got pictures :)  I picked up some sweaters there as they were having a really nice sale - buy 2, get one free :)  We walked up to the neolithic stone ridge that was up above the farmhouse.  According to the information, this ridge, or line, may have been used as a solar calendar, for Imbolc and Samhain.

Then we just started driving.  Originally we'd planned to drive the Ring of Kerry, but ended up doing the Ring of Beara instead.  It was a beautiful drive, with a couple rather tight 'goat-paths' to drive.  But it was fun, nontheless.

Tomorrow will be an early morning up, a quick breakfast, and off to Dublin airport for the flight to Edinburgh.  Look for a possible update after that :)