Day 05 – Flying to Edinburgh

We left Kenmare quite early this morning (7:30).  Neil and Noreen were wonderful and got up early to get us an early breakfast.

If anyone is thinking about a trip to Ireland and Kenmare, I  recommend staying at Virginia's Guesthouse very strongly.  Neil and Noreen are just wonderful people and the room I had was fabulous!  Pics taken, but still need to upload.  Perhaps tonight.

The drive to Dublin was nice, got to see more of the country.  The flight to Edinburgh - well - all I can say is 'interesting'.  Yes, in the 'may your life be interesting' way.

We got to the airport, to find that our flight had been delayed.  No real problem.  Then it switched gates.  Again, no real problem.

We get on board, there's a brief delay before take-off (they were finishing refueling).  Then we took off.  And there was a 'BANG'.  Shortly afterwards, a really bad smell through the cabin.  Shortly after that, the captain came on saying that we'd hit a bird and were heading back to Dublin for inspection.

So.  Almost 3 hours late we arrived in Edinburgh.  No real time to go 'walk the mile' or anything.