"Two Powers" Meditation

When I first read that it was suggested that I try ADF’s meditation, I was nervous.  I had a process that worked for me – would something new do the same?  As a read through the meditation, I was intrigued with the similarities between the two.  Yes, there were a few differences – the Earth energy changing to the Chaotic water energy and filling the three cauldrons versus charging and spinning the seven chakras – but for the major parts, it was very similar to what I was already doing.

For the first couple weeks of trying the new meditation format, I followed the concepts as they were given.  I found that the earth energy that I’d been using all along was the same as the chaotic water energy – after all, the lava near the center of the earth is just as liquid as water.  But the three cauldrons versus the seven chakras?  Not so much.  Whenever I tried, I just couldn’t find those locations within myself.  And it felt very awkward to ignore those areas that were so used to receiving and responding to those energies.  After giving a couple weeks to the new format, I changed back to the chakras versus the cauldrons.    Much better!

This is the form that I am using in my daily devotions and the impressions that I get during my meditations are wonderful, powerful and intriguing in the impressions I receive.

Once the energies of the Two Powers blend within the first chakra, and begin to move up to the rest of them, it ‘feels’ almost as if I was growing.  Once the energies are spilling from my hand chakras and crown chakra, I feel transformed – and see myself as a large willow tree.  At this point I have become the World Tree – the product of the waters of Chaos and the fires of Order.  It is in that space that I am connected to everything: Land, Sea, Sky; Ancestors, Nature Spirits, Gods; Fire, Water, Tree.  It is from this state that I communicate with my Gods.  I’ve found that the connection is drastically stronger while the energies of the Chaos and Order flow within me and thus the communication between myself and my Gods is stronger and clearer.