Spring Equinox – Gleichennacht 2010

Once again, ritual with the Sierra Madrone Grove up in Sacramento.  Such wonderful people to do this with.  There was some confusion just as I arrived – the UU we use was still using the room we normally book.  So, a switch of rooms was required.  Everything went smoothly and we were only about an hour late starting.  Even starting late, it was well attended, with about 20 attendees.

For the ritual, we called upon the Grove’s favorite Gatekeeper – Manannan Mac Llyr and for the Deity of the Occasion – Finneigeas.  Personally, I had very little knowledge about Finneigeas, but Sean’s story about him was well done, and was a wonderful way to learn.

When we got to the personal offerings, one of the Grove members had a bad emotional breakdown.  As a healer, I held her while she cried, and unfortunately missed a majority of the following offerings.  After the omen was read (which was during this time), each attendee were given their own Ogham reading:  I received Fearn, which was given to me as protection.  The omen given to the Grove for the ritual was:  from the Ancestors – Ifín – which was read as ‘honey; sweetest tree; a most wonderful taste’;  from the Nature Spirits – Tinne – which was read as ‘ingot; a third of a wheel; fires of coal; a third of a weapon’;  and from the Shining Ones – Muin – which was read as ‘love, esteem, trickery; strongest of powers; condition of slaughter; path of the voice’.

Ogham Pulled: Personal:
IfínTinneMuin Fearn