Midsummer – Summer Solstice – 2010

My first High Day with Sierra Madrone as an actual Grove member!  Jen, our SD, had convinced/bribed me with the Seer job for as long as I wanted.  Damn her *grin*.  As that’s where I’m strongest and the direction I wish to go, it was not easy to ignore.

We had a nice size group for this day – 29 attendees.  Some of the CUUPs members returned, and were a wonderful addition.

Our Gatekeeper was Manannan Mac Llyr and our primary Deity of the Occasion was his daughter Áine.  As it was his daughter we were honoring, he received honor as well.  Because of the experience that Jen, James and I had at Wellspring, some of our ritual processes were changed.  In the past, the Portal Song was sung almost dirge like.  We three explained that it was actually to be sung joyously and proceeded to demonstrate the difference.  Everyone exclaimed at the difference!

The praise offerings were thoughtful, and even one of our CUUPs visitors made an offering of a large corn dolly.  This was interesting in that she described it as a ‘wicker man’, but it wasn’t a tradition we were familiar with.  She was using it as an offering of change and purification for their group.  The omen was a positive one, with a bit of chance.

From the Ancestors:  Tiwaz – justice; truth.  From the Nature Spirits:  Jera – year; harvest; joy.  From the Shining Ones:  Perthro – birthing; chance.

As usual, Manannan had a message as well:  Ehwas – horse; cooperation.

After the omen, one of the Grove members gave her Dedicant Oath and it was wonderfully done.

Runes Pulled: