Meditation Journal

While I’ve been meditating more or less daily for many, many years – since 1989 – and trancing in some way for the last eight, I find that there still times when it just doesn’t happen; I just can’t quiet my mind enough to try.  I know that quite a bit of this is due to stress and with my mind continuing to dwell on any number of issues that it feels like stressing over.  Over these many years, I’ve found many different techniques that help me reach the level of meditative state that I like.

“Two Powers” meditation, BPI variant

When I first began meditating, it was with a system that was taught at the Berkeley Psychic Institute.  It consists of six steps: centering, grounding, drawing energy from the center of the earth, drawing energy from a star above, running the combination of these energies through each of the seven Chakras and then grounding and releasing the energies at the end of the meditation.  I love this system as it became nearly effortless (after a few classes), and did not require that you empty or silence your mind – you were supposed to be concentrating on the feelings and the flow of energy.  One could maintain a light level of a trance state – about a -1 on a scale from -10 (completely out/asleep) to 10 (wide awake) and still be completely aware of one’s surroundings and interact as needed.  In one such class, we actually were required to tell jokes while maintaining that state of meditation.  And yet, one could easily drop into a deeper level of a trance state, just by increasing the concentration and depth of the energy flow.  Combined with the right music, this is the main type of meditation that do on a daily basis.  It works perfectly for me while I’m commuting to and/or from work.

Reiki meditation

When I learned the Reiki healing techniques, I also learned a mediation that utilizes the Reiki symbols as a way to strengthen the connection with that energy and to commune with the Kindreds.  Okay, originally it was taught as a way to commune with a generic ‘God’, but I find that some of the Kindred come through clearer when I use this method.  When I use this form of meditation, I have some specific Reiki-enhanced music that I listen to; the album intones all of the Usui symbols throughout the music and helps me resonate my energy to that symbol.

Knitting meditation

It’s so easy to enter a meditative state while knitting.  Something about the rhythmic movement back and forth between the right and left hands, the soothing repetition of movements.  There’s just something about it.  I can concentrate on what my hands are doing, thinking only of the project and the pattern as my hands move, while all the worries, anxieties, anger and troubles fade away and only ‘knit, knit, purl, purl’ occupies my mind.

Unusual meditation

The very strangest meditation happens while getting my nails done.  As I sit, my hands are held and my nails are coated with lovely colors of acrylic while my mind completely empties and all sound around me seems to silence into nothing.  This is the only outside influence that will send me into a nearly pure trance state.  While meditating like this, I tend to not get messages or notes from any of the Kindreds.  It is more a meditation of stillness, of just being.

If you have never had the opportunity, or desire, to get a manicure I highly suggest you try one and see if you have a similar response.  I’d love to know.

Sample Journal Entries:

May 12, 2010:

Working on my camping leggings for warmth.  Calmed my mind from the travel planning that has been overwhelming me lately.  It’s a simple knit, knit 8, purl 2, so it’s easy to empty my mind and just be.  Wonder if I’ll get both of these done in time for Wellspring.

June 11, 2010:

Gods, how I love my Binaural beats sounds.  The combination of ocean sounds and the theta state beats relax my mind into a nice light trance.  Got some faint impressions of contact, but not strong today.  Thinking this was more of a tentative ‘are you there, can you hear me’ than anything else.  Definitely new though, not a contact I’ve felt before.  Have to see if this will go anywhere, or was just random.

July 8, 2010:

Meditation was just not happening this morning.  Just couldn’t get comfortable enough on the BART seat today and way too tired.  No staying up late watching Castle tonight.  Decide:  meditate on the ride home, or read Puhvel.

August 12, 2010

Found some wonderful new music to meditate to – Tibetan singing bowls.  One of the recordings uses multiple bowls with different tones and has them playing randomly together.  One thing that I immediately noticed was the way that my body seemed to vibrate in time with the bowls and that when the sound was more complex (with multiple tones at once), I felt like I was sitting in the middle of that circle.  There was something missing though.  I found I need something to focus on while I meditate with this.  Focusing on my breathing wasn’t working – it wasn’t the kind of focus I needed.  I tried using ‘OM”, but my mind kept going to an episode of Red Dwarf.  That so isn’t going to work.  I need to work on a mantra for myself. *sigh*

September 11, 2010

Ireland.  Standing in the center of Kenmare’s Stone Circle.  Closed my eyes and just let the sounds of the birds and rooks (even here, they seemed to follow us), the scents of the nearby Rowan tree (complete with offerings tied to it) and the wild blackberry vines roll over and through me.