Lughnasadh 2010

I celebrated this High Day with the gang at Sierra Madrone again.  We had a very good turnout with one member returning from a very long absence.  We also had quite a few visitors this time.  Two of our members brought their parents to see for themselves what their kids were involved in.  I think they enjoyed themselves.

Ever since expressing his disproval a few years ago, Lugh was not only the Deity of the Occasion, but also the Gatekeeper.  This incident occurred before I began attending rituals with Sierra Madrone, but I know that the last two Lughnasadhs (including this one) have been without any complications.

The Omen for this High Day was a good one, although I needed some time to translate the runes pulled for Lugh.

From the Ancestors, Jera was pulled – year, the harvest.  From the Nature Spirits, Eihwaz was pulled – strength, the World Tree.  From the Shining Ones, Berkano was pulled – new beginnings.  For the Lughnasadh rituals that I’ve done the Omen for, Lugh has always wanted to send a message.  This High Day was no different.  Initially, I pulled Isa for his message.  This confused me, so I pulled an additional rune for clarification and got Jera.  After a few moments of contemplation, I read this as Lugh was saying that because we gave him all of the honor and tasks, we were safe (this isn’t the right word, but I can’t find it in my brain) until the next harvest.

After the Omen and Waters, we played a game based on the story of Lugh – “The Eye of Balor”.  A soft dart board, one of the kind that you throw cloth balls with Velcro around them at, was hung up and the idea was to poke out the eye (the bulls-eye was painted like a real eye).  All of the young ones, and a few of the adults, took their chance at it.  One of the young men won, and received the prizes of a spearhead necklace and a mini cauldron.

Runes Pulled: Lugh:
JeraEihwazBerkanoIsa Jera