Imbolc 2010

Unfortunately, I was unable to go to Sierra Madrone for the High Day celebration, but I remembered that there was a lovely labyrinth in Walnut Creek that I could go to.  So, on a nice, relatively warm (for February in California anyway) Sunday, I headed over to the labyrinth with some whiskey for an offering.

I had remembered exactly where it was correctly, but since I’d last been there (quite a few years three Kindred stonesago) it had changed and improved.  Along with a community garden, there was now a nice picnic area to the north of the labyrinth and to the west, a triple stone sculpture which I’m sure that the church felt represented the Trinity.  Me – that is not what I saw.  I saw the three Kindred lovingly represented there.

The labyrinth is laid out in the Chartres-style.  I stood at the entrance for a bit, just letting my mind go blank.  Then, as I began to walk, I began a silent chant:

Birgita, Birgita, Goddess of the flame
Birgita, Birgita, Goddess of the flame
Awaken the flame within my being
Awaken the sacred fire within my being

Once I reached the center there was this beautiful, craggy rock with lots of little spaces for offerings.  In one I found an intact acorn.  I poured my offering over the rock, with no thoughts at all in my head and waited in silence for a few moments.  Then I silently took up the chant again, and began to walk out of the labyrinth.

The meditative walk left me with a feeling of warmth and peace; of nearly pure relaxation; very much like the experience I have when I’m giving a Reiki or other healing treatment.  And yes, I know why.  :P  This was a very different experience from a full ritual; those sometime seem to not leave that wondrous sense of peace and stillness that this left me with.  Which is why I will be doing this again :-)