Beltaine 2010

Spending the High Days with the Sierra Madrone Grove has become a bit of a custom.  This day was different – not only did we have a large turnout from Grove members, but we also had a large group from the local CUUPS group, for a total of 33 attendees.

Our Gatekeeper was Manannan Mac Llyr, and our Deities of the Occasion were the Dagda and Boann.  Praise offerings were wonderful; with so many new people, some were unsure of the process but seemed to understand after a while.  I made an offering of some Stag’s Breath liquor to Gefion in thanks for all that I have in my life.

The omen was – intriguing.  As the Seer, I got messages during the ritual that both the Dadga and Boann had specific messages for us, so I drew additional runes for them.  Here is the omen as read.

From the Ancestors:  Ingwaz – fertility of the seed in the ground.  From the Nature Spirits:  Berkana – new beginnings.  From the Shining Ones:  Berkana – new beginnings.  (I replace the runes I pull for each pull, but pulling the same rune twice in a row is a very rare occurance.)  From the Dadga:  Raidho – movement, a journey.  From Boann:  Nauthiz – needfire, a metaphysical ‘kick in the pants’.  This rune confused me, so I asked for clarification and received Ehwaz – cooperation.  At the time that I pulled Nauthiz, the former Senior Druid spotted a single red-tail hawk heading north.  From his experience with Bird Augury, he indicated that it meant that there was additional work needed with some of the Kindreds and was aware of this need.  This was definitely confirmation of that need.

After the ritual was over, we all headed over to where a Maypole had been set up and while some danced around it in giddiness, some of us watched with very large grins.

Runes Pulled: