Day 0/1 – Flying and Dublin

Both legs of the flight were ok.  The flight from SF to Chicago got into Chicago about 1/2 hour early.  Originally, some of our friends thought that there would be some sort of shuttle that would take us over to the international wing, so that we wouldn't have to go through security again.  Nope.  There was a tram to the terminal, but it involved being re-scanned.

We also found a dire lack of eating options in the international wing.  If you end up doing what we did - eat before you leave your domestic terminal.  The food is MUCH better.

The last leg was nicer.  The stewards, noticing Brad's height, said that they might have a couple seats with more leg room for him.  It ended up that they did!  My row partner then shifted to their row, so I was able to spread out just a bit more.

Food on the Aer Lingus flight wasn't too bad at all, either.

Man, the walk from the gates to immigration was a LONG one.  BUT --  I've got my passport stamped!!

Then we went to grab the car.  Spent some time for Brad to familiarize himself with the altered controls.  Then we took a drive, trying to find the Harley shop.  No luck, but got some driving practice in.  Drove to the hotel, and we were able to get checked in.  Went to a place called 'Gallegers' for breakfast/lunch.  Good Food! I basically had eggs benedict, but instead of an english muffin, it was on boxty - a potato bread.  Num!  Kay noticed a couple of 'travelers' - as she calls ghosts.  I wasn't awake/aware enough yet.

We then decided to start walking around.  I found the signs to Christ Church Cathedral and their Dublinia exibit.  So, off we headed.  The walk was nice.  Kay took quite a few pics of some of the buildings as we walked and more when we got to CCC.

If you get the chance, the Dublina history exhibit is quite interesting.  While I knew quite a bit of the viking history, there was a few bits that I didn't know, so it filled in some gaps.  The medival Dublin section was great, as was the model of Dublin.

But by the time that we'd gotten through the second floor (first floor - Viking Dublin, second floor - Medieval Dublin, third floor - the art of archaeology), we were starting to run out of steam fast.  I'll admit, I didn't go through the third floor as in depth as the other two.

Luckily, there was a coffee shop next to the gift shop.  One diet Coke and a bottle of water later - and after a bit of a sit down/rest, we headed back to the hotel.  It was about 4pm by then.

We rested until around 5:30, then headed over to the Brazenhead for dinner, grabbing a cab as our legs were still a bit wobbly/cramped from the flight.  The walk had done us good, but we didn't want to take any chances.  Kay noticed many layers of ghosts at the restaurant - a couple were singing way off key :).

One pint of Bulmer's cider and one Beef Guinness stew in a yorkshire pudding later, and back to the hotel we came.  I showered (we're sharing a room this night - so staggering showers is required) and I think we all crashed around 8:30/9.

I know for a fact that I woke up at midnight once, and we all did around 4:30.  We decided to just watch a bit of news, and at around 5:30, napped again.

So, now its time to get up, pack up, grab breakfast, and head out to County Kerry :)